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Savvy Radio Show

Dec 22, 2015

Alex Albers a corporate man working in the printing industry for over 20 years is closing in on walking out to live his dream.  Alex’s motivation for real estate is deeper than the average of just getting rich.  Mr. Albers has leukemia and has to take medicine that costs 10K a month (go big pharma).  Alex is a slave to his job to have adequate insurance until he found real estate investing!  Be inspired of this true story of one man’s will to get out of the rat race to financial freedom.  Within 3 years part-time at night pursuing his dream, Alex’s has acquired 10 rental units on a mission with a 10 year goal set or may I say GO plan! Do you have a story to share? I would love to hear from you go to this link or go to and leave a voice mail!