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Savvy Radio Show

Jan 12, 2016

Justin Gentry is an investor that grids it out every day.  His passion to help people is evident the moment you chat with him.  Super savvy in reconstruction of fire damaged properties, also known as “burn outs” some call him the Burnout King(BK). I call Justin my friend since he showed me mad love in saving me on my first apartment deal.  When I reached out to Justin 5 years ago he had 70 units and just finished rehabbing a 40 unit apartment building which he took over “Subject to” and proceeded to “Short Sale” the deal with the lender. Now with well over 130 units and building homes grab some water for you are going to put out a fast and furious fire of an episode.  Do you have a story to share? Go to this link or go to and leave a voice mail!