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Savvy Radio Show

Dec 26, 2023

They start by helping us to see who we truly are. Chad Missildine shares his mentor's story in how he successfully built over 150 homes in Texas. 1-The power of friendships and mentors, why you need other people in your life 2-What it means to truly know who you are 3-How to know when it might be time to pivot in your...

Dec 20, 2023

1-When did you know you were an entrepreneur? 2-To get big rewards in life, you can’t be afraid to take big risks 3-There are smart risks and there are dumb risks, and there is a difference between the two.4-Maybe you are stuck in an employee mindset. Do you have any ideas/questions? Share some feedback go to

Dec 15, 2023

1-3 months 2-Self care 3-Investing in yourself 4-Balance your health 4-Socialize 5-Practice gratitude 6-Mindfulness 7-Self compassion 8-Make time for fun 9-Tips. Do you have any ideas/questions? Share some feedback go to

Dec 8, 2023

1-The value of seeking out and receiving different perspectives 2-The difference in seeking perspective vs seeking approval 3-Why you need a financial statement 4-Your relationship with money and wealth 5-Wearing multiple hats as an entrepreneur 6-The fear of changing seasons in life and business 7-Redefining change...

Aug 27, 2023

1) Limit interaction 2) Avoid reacting emotionally 3) Focus on solutions 4) Offer an unexpected compliment 5) Set boundaries 6) Stay calm 7) Choose your battles 8) Practice mindfulness 9) Practice reverse psychology 10) Surround yourself with positivity 11) Redirect conversations 12) Offer support 13) Maintain...