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Savvy Radio Show

Jul 20, 2015

Get a the jolt of power you need when dealing with contractors and take notes on dealing with contractors. You learn (6) Quick Tips for Hiring Contractors. (1) Try to figure out the estimate before you call the contractor, so you have a price in mind and not get sticker shocked! (2) Have a backup plan like a football team and have 1st, 2nd, 3rd string coming off the bench. (3) Create a system to handle your works like paying people on Thursday. (4) Get a statement book from office supply and put everything in writing. (5) Split different jobs up...meaning for cleaning up use unskilled labor at $8.00 an hour, instead of paying a $15.00 an hour to sweep the floor. (6) Protect yourself and have your work sign “workers comp waiver” Hope to see you this Thursday, go to | Ask a question text on your mobile device to ‘ASK’ to 545454.