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Savvy Radio Show

Sep 30, 2016

This 20 unit deal took five months and it just closed! If you don’t get pumped after you hear this then being in real estate isn’t your thing. A cool element of creativity the buying investor worked out a deal with the wholesaler to pay out his assignment fee of 40k. Creatives idea to share? Go to this link

Sep 29, 2016

What do you do when you buy a property and the daughter lives in it? Now what? Kick her out? Have her stay?! I help this newbie investor spread his wings and help him navigate this new world of landlording. We cover how to protect yourself and how to handle objections and savvy ways to get top rent.  Should I post a...

Sep 28, 2016 is a messaging app for your smartphone with live voice (like a walkie talkie), text, photo and location sharing. Voxer is for all platforms even you iPhone7000 freaks.  Get excited Voxer for Web; the same Voxer push-to-talk product available on a desktop or laptop.  Inefficient communication slows purchases,...

Sep 27, 2016

No one likes objections so we cover the objections before they are brought up in your next meeting with a potential private lender.  Here are some of the questions we cover.  What if the deal doesn’t pan out?  What if something happens to you?  My brother-in-law said this wasn’t a good idea.  Where does the money...

Sep 26, 2016

Power in knowledge! Learning the lingo only sets you apart from inexperienced investors.  Knowing all the terminology is half the battle, in a conversation it’s critical not to speak over them. When and how to use your knowledge will bring greater success in raising capital.  Ideas to share? Go to this link