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Savvy Radio Show

Jul 28, 2015

Meet Andrew Gasper a young professional who woke up one day and told his newlywed wife that he is going to put in his two week notice at his day job.  As you know, newlyweds tend to say “yes” and then he quit his job to become a real estate investor at the age of 25.  Andrew set an audacious goal live on the...

Jul 24, 2015

Coming from a communist country to find freedom and financial freedom at that! This is an episode you want to listen to.  Max Bessonov mastered the stock market and then lost over a million dollars with one keystroke and now has landed in Oklahoma with 17 units and keeps his day job whiling using a property manager to...

Jul 20, 2015

Get a the jolt of power you need when dealing with contractors and take notes on dealing with contractors. You learn (6) Quick Tips for Hiring Contractors. (1) Try to figure out the estimate before you call the contractor, so you have a price in mind and not get sticker shocked! (2) Have a backup plan like a football...

Jul 18, 2015

Learn from an experienced Realtor investor Dutch Revenboer whose gift is creative financing in acquiring real estate assets. This is the Realtor I like to use on creative deals!  Ask a question text on your mobile device to ‘ASK’ to 545454.

Jul 18, 2015

I dig a little in my personal life and dish out my current 10 mistakes I wish I knew while being a real estate investor. Not to be a negative Nancy I drop in 10 ideas to inspire you for success! Ask a question text on your mobile device to ‘ASK’ to 545454.