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Savvy Radio Show

Oct 31, 2016

Here is a scare story for you!  What do you do when a tenant who is a mother slaps a piece of paper on your desk and says “We have problem!”?. I say “yes we do, you haven’t paid your rent!” I pick up the piece of paper and it states that her child has massive traces of lead in her daughter's bloodstream. Boo...

Oct 27, 2016

Success of an investor boils down to how you handle hurdles. How high you jump depends on how much are you willing to lose.  Stop jumping & start counting the cost. My heart breaks when I hear about another investor getting burned by a contractor.  I cover what to do to save your sanity.  Have you been burned? Share it!...

Oct 26, 2016

Homewyse gives you average costs for property repairs or projects for your area by zip code.  The data is neutral, comprehensive, and online.  Investors can make sound choices when buying, maintaining and improving their properties by having the knowledge. Tech to share? Go to this link

Oct 25, 2016

1-Options+Options 2-Walk a seller through HUD to reduce the price 3-Land Trusts 4-Burn the Boats 5-A child of 12 can crush it 6-Who is next to you? 7-Roomates 8-Give back to You should go to the next seminar Useful ideas!? link or go to

Oct 24, 2016

Be warned I am little over the place with this episode. Private money is on my mind and I was thinking about all the episodes we have done and all the great feedback I have received from you guys! Thank you! With that feedback I have been pondering (yes people still use the word -ponder- aka marinate) Let’s do this!...