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Savvy Radio Show

Feb 28, 2017

This is interview is one of the best interviews to date. Why you ask?  Torry Elston basically fell into real estate investing by accident. Torry is killing it with almost 500,000 net worth doing it part-time within 5 years and drum roll please, all with no money down. Can I get a hooray!  Share your story go to this...

Feb 24, 2017

Persistence pass off! Have you had your eye on a property through the MLS and couldn’t wait for it to expire so you can pounce on it? Torry did! Torry Elston is doing it part time and is crushing it! Deal to share go to this link or go to and leave a voicemail...

Feb 23, 2017

1-You are an expert, What is it? 2-You can do anything! 3-Cut the bookkeeper 4-Form 1098 5-Outside the box 6-Power of choice 7-Traction(book) 8-Push with accountability 9-Serve 10-You need to go! Share go to this link or go to and leave a voicemail...

Feb 22, 2017

Realty Juggler is an easy-to-use CRM organizer just for Real Estate professionals. Oh the things you can do with technology especially with  You can track prospects, import leads, make flyers, create goals, have drip campaigns for marketing and ton more. Tech to share go to this link

Feb 21, 2017

Growth is strange in many ways when you look back review.  Are you smarter, wiser, and healthier than you were a year ago?  Listen in on a young entrepreneur who creates is ‘life by design’. What has life been for you as a real estate hustler? Tell me more go to this link or go to