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Savvy Radio Show

Feb 20, 2023

Have you heard of 40% back in accelerated bonus depreciation on investment? You will now! When you hear of engineers, you don't think of making money on investments. Mike Reynolds with Green Summit Engineering breaks down cost segregation and how it can make you money on your investment. After this podcast you will be...

Feb 16, 2023

1-Fitradio 2-Do it the Stuff 3-Adjust on the flier 4-Seize the opportunity 5-Self Esteem 6-Guru. Do you have any ideas/questions? Share some feedback go to

Feb 12, 2023

We cover a mixed use commercial property and go over some key due diligence tips.

Feb 10, 2023

1-New hiring concept 2-Write it out 3-Give wins 4-Do tough stuff 5-Know yourself 6-Understand taxes 7-New focus 8-Diaries of A Female Real Estate Investor 9-Get out of the poo.  Do you have any ideas/questions? Share some feedback go...

Feb 1, 2023

Learn the ins and outs of commercial investment loans from the man with the power. Finding a banker that has assets and understands the investors point of view is rare. His due diligence may seem strict and strenuous, but his product is the best out there.