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Savvy Radio Show

May 22, 2022

Rose Taylor and I go over 5 tips to take you to the next level: 1-Agree on a mutual schedule. 2-Be prepared when you do meet with your accountant. 3-Listen and take some advice 4-Be transparent.5-Don’t be afraid to challenge your accountant. Bonus: What is the difference between Tax Planning and Tax Preparation? Do...

May 16, 2022

Brandon Hicks comes from humble beginnings being a faithful factory floor worker at $13 dollars an hour in Indiana.  Motivation is rooted in his DNA (family) that drives his creative mojo. No Money? No Problem! Brandon bought over a million dollars worth of real estate while working his day job. If you ever wonder if...

May 8, 2022

1-Criticism hurts but it helps 2-Who drafted the lease? 3-Be on the ball 4-Relationships 5-PUD 6-Articulate 7-QR Code 8-Interviewing 9-Don't start from scratch. Be a parasite. Do you have any ideas/questions? Share some feedback go to

May 1, 2022

Staying in your lane is the key to growth. Focused. Ben is on mission to bring value to your next asset purchase. The goal here is to buy assets and to do so you may want to check out Ben’s virtual meetup: Do you have any ideas/questions? Share some feedback go to