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Savvy Radio Show

Jan 18, 2024

01 Life is risky 02 Market crash is real 03 Crisis defined 04 Rebuild 05 What’s your story? Connect with Chad  Do you have any ideas/questions? Share some feedback go to

Dec 15, 2023

1-3 months 2-Self care 3-Investing in yourself 4-Balance your health 4-Socialize 5-Practice gratitude 6-Mindfulness 7-Self compassion 8-Make time for fun 9-Tips. Do you have any ideas/questions? Share some feedback go to

Sep 28, 2018

1-Think of yourself first 2-Mitigate 3-Contingency plan. Do you have a subject matter you would like covered?  Share it go to this link or go to and leave a...

May 21, 2018

1-Be first even 3am 2-Music 4-Being prepared 5-Everyone is equal scared 6-There will always be someone in front and behind 7-Set goals, do it 8-Be ready 9-Rough terrain 10-Subconscious 11-ice bucket 12-Rest before and after 13-Accept who are not super something  14-Increase-Tripadvisor. Do you have a subject matter...

Aug 16, 2017

Check out Zenni Optical offers VERY inexpensive single vision, or standard eyeglasses, and yes bifocal and progressive too. 1-Price six dollars and ninety-five cents and only $4.95 for shipping 2-Quality (check reviews) 3-Simple process 4-Convenience 5-Savvy style. Do you have tech to share?...