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Savvy Radio Show

Jul 31, 2017

21-Neglecting your teeth 22-Missing the chance to ask your grandparents questions before they die 23-Working too much 24-Not learning how to cook one awesome meal 25-Not stopping enough to appreciate the moment 26-Failing to finish what you start 27-Never mastering one awesome party trick 28- Letting yourself be defined by cultural expectations 29-Refusing to let friendships run their course 30-Not playing with your kids enough 31-Never taking a big risk (especially in love) 32-Not taking the time to develop contacts and network 33-Worrying too much 34-Getting caught up in needless drama 35-Not spending enough time with loved ones 36-Never performing in front of others 37-Not being grateful sooner Do you have a regret to share? Share it go to this link or go to and leave a voicemail.